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What Took me So Long And why I have not posted in a while.

I was literally researching what I would say to my audience about why I seemed to have gone MIA from producing blog posts, despite the fact that I was cranking one out every week.I came up with nothing.

Mind your Ps and Qs straight at the HEAP!!!

Heaps is a type of tree data structure great for keeping tabs on the greatest and latest data element in a dataset.

To really understand Heaps, here is a reminder of Priority Queues.

Binary Search tree Speed

Coding out a HashMap of a hash-table is no doubt fast, specifically 0(1) with search, insertion, deletion. There is no doubt that it yield us amazing speed only if we do not care for order (alphabetization, or smallest to largest and vice-versa).

Linked List

Unlike arrays Nodes, are pieces of data dispersed throughout the computer memory offering a new way to organize & access data yielding a performance boost. Linked List look and act like array on the surface, but tells a different story under the hood.

Acquired Taste for Recursion Part 3- Recursion, QuickSort, & Partition