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Posted by Samuel.Ogundiran on December 3, 2020

Tasky was created as a combined effort of :

Samuel Ogundiran Warren Yao Jorge Cornejo Diana Laster

*Author of CaseStudy: Samuel Ogundiran


We surveyed employees in the software space of which 86% were Product Manager and the rest were Software Engineers about the tools they use to manage their group projects. 91% reported that the usability of their current tool could be improved as most use Jira.

Common theme among many included over burdened by their current tool. Multiple research participants described their current tool as “heavy” or “overwhelming”, and 86% reported using an entirely different tool for their personal to-dos. We think this feeling of being overwhelmed comes from not being able to visualize the full list of personal tasks broken down and personalize enough for the users.

Due to the volume of task conducted on a daily bases, larger project tasks can be scary and demoralizing, and we think people are having to leave to break down tasks in their own personal to-do lists such as a separate sheet of paper, Evernotes, or small diary. We solved this problem by creating a safe space for private tasks within so that team members can have the benefit of the project context to help them create and track their personal to-do lists.


Tasky was targeted toward platform users ranging from small start- ups to organizations such as SalesForce. It was intended to create a customizable app allowing user to create subtasks, progress bars, notes, and checklists that feed into the main project’s timeline.



  • As a customizable app that allows users to create subtasks with checklists that feed into the timeline for the main project, some features were considered.
  • Upon subtask completion, the overall progress bar should be filled.
  • A drop-down menu to choose a progress bar, note, or Checklist
  • Progress bar, note, and checklist can be deleted, rearranged, organized or have a subtask within the created subtask.

User Values:

  • Eliminate the Micro management of other team members.
  • Reduce the need for updating and tracking projects outside of platform to maintain privacy.
  • Reduce clutter on the platform in a multi-team collaboration setting.
  • Users can be creative and work in a structure allowing them to adhere to and control their environment

Limitation / Edge cases:

  • Users may be viewed as a slacker or loan wolf because their subtask is private (Not open to others on the team to view).
  • Potential of creating the wrong sub-task that hinder productivity and project due date.
  • Uses cases outside of software development were considered but not researched or implemented in this survey.


Hypothesis: We believe Tasky will achieve making personal subtask easier to track . In addition, the private sub task feature allows users to list individual tasks that need to be performed in completing a project and they can check off the task upon completion.

We believe Tasky would increase adherence to Project timeline, and help teammates be focused on the main task as they don’t have to leave the platform to accomplish this. Also, this would increase revenue for as current users on the platform would spend more time using the Tasky app and members are required to create an account to have access to the Tasky feature.


Built With React.js React Select React Beautiful Dnd

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