What Took me So Long And why I have not posted in a while.

Posted by Samuel.Ogundiran on November 29, 2021

I was literally researching what I would say to my audience about why I seemed to have gone MIA from producing blog posts, despite the fact that I was cranking one out every week.I came up with nothing.

So I will just tell you what happened.

Lay the framework on average :

Each article release takes 3-4 hours of research and another 2 hours of editing and fact checking. An estimated 6 hours per article per week. which does not seem like a lot, but when factored in other areas of life, it is. It took a bit of work for me to keep up. So I was offered a fellowship role as a staff member of the National Democratic Training Committee, about which I was thrilled. With a bright eye and all the enthusiasm in the world, I proceed to report on the job.

A Quick Summary of the week’s Break Down:

#### Weeks 1-6: combination of learning a new programming language and learning the system and its setup. Some of this comprised PHP, Sass, Tailwind, Blade components, Cypress, WordPress, and Guternburge, among others. Setting up our environments for some of the code to work (i.e, Locals, Terminal, Github) Setting up a 1:1 weekly meeting with our supervisor to conduct (code reviews, running tests, checking compliance of code.)

Weeks 6-9:

I got to work on several bug fixes in the legacy code base, hot fixes, and collaborating with teams and other managers as needed to carry out new requirements for the platform, and laying out the requirements for capstone projects.etc. Starting work on an important assignment that is part of the big project.

Week 9-11:

Working with capstone projects included using the Cypress Test Framework to test out the current code base and other features that may be implemented later on in the project.

Next steps:

Just as any developer who strives to get better will do, I kept on practicing my craft to see holes in my approach to coding in general, and I came up with some realizations. Mobile Development is already here, but we will see even more of it in the future and Quantum computing is a major shift that is coming to the tech space within the next 5–10 years.

I reached out to several of my mentors in these fields, and I started taking courses in those realms. Also, this led me to take a strong look at the Python coding language, as it is one of the popular languages used in quantum computing and it has a turn of diversity just like Javascript. In summary, my day currently consists of full-time, code challenge, Algorithm, quantum computing, and React Native for mobile development as I am back on the market for a job. I have no doubt some will consider this overwhelming, which is true to a degree, but rather, I see this as deliberate practice to get better.

Cheers Samuel.O

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